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Zero Carbon Management Training Academy, Tesco Stores Ltd

Management Training Academy
Tesco Stores Ltd.
Hatfield, Hertfordshire

These are the approved planning submissions for an extraordinary new Zero Carbon Management Training Academy for Tesco Stores Ltd near Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Set within a refurbished rural landscape, once part of a traditional managed estate, the purpose of this building is to train company delegates in an environment that is both sustainable and engaging. The £44m project looks at innovative low carbon strategies modeled to provide all the building’s heat and power requirements. We like the scheme for its elegance and simplicity. The new building is carefully set into its sloping site surrounded by ancient woodland. The proposals include ‘clusters of training environments’ that are designed around flexible training programmes; a bar and restaurant; gym and health spar and bedroom accommodation. All these spaces are accessible from a lively communal glazed ‘street’ which in turn provides access to external terraces and in turn to the wider landscape. The intention is for delegates to make use of this rural landscape as a rewarding learning experience in it’s own right. In association with the building project the landscape project includes significant new native woodland planting; refurbished ancient woodland; new meadow land; sustainable drainage systems and restoration of walled gardens and historic barns.